Pete Jacob “Hail to the King” [Free Download]

Artist Name: Pete Jacob
Featured Artist(s):
Produced By: Jive the Universal at the Stiz Recording Studio of NJ
Album Name:
Label Name: OFW Records
Release Date: 2013
Album/Single Purchase Price: Free Download
Album/Single Purchase Link: https://soundcloud.com/petejacobmusic/hail-to-the-king
Current City: Central Florida, originally from NJ
Current State: Florida
Website: reverbnation.com/petejacob
Twitter: @PeteJacobMusic
Facebook: Facebook.com/petejacobmusic


 I’ve been writing, rapping, and recording music since i was about 13……while gradually growing more mature in the substance of my lyrics and music at the same time running in sin for 22 years, GOD grabbed a hold of my heart in 2008, being desperate for help from being strung out on drugs and alcohol, feeling depressed and hopeless i ran to a bottom in my life….with nothing left but to look up to GOD, so mercifully He answered me and brought me to a loving christian addiction center….there i fully invited JESUS into my life and got saved…while still having the hunger to keep making music, i began to write and empty myself of all the stuff inside into a notebook and from that time on gradually as i transformed from my old self i began to understand i can still pursue my music making but while giving all glory to GOD and through GOD…now here in 2014 while having small slip ups GOD has been graciously restored me each time and he keeps giving me the desires of my heart and theres nothing i love more than making positive music for people to hear…God Bless….and One Love



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